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About Us

About 43 years ago, there were outdoor art festivals every weekend somewhere in the Southeast.  The Burkhalter family, seeing the variety of art expression and media presented by artists of all backgrounds, opened Ocmulgee Arts to bring those artists to Macon in a gallery setting.

Ocmulgee Arts, now operated by Louise Burkhalter and her two daughters, Lou Warren and Sissie Maffeo, is unique in offering a large and varied selection in a wide price range.  One finds oils, acrylics, watercolors, original prints, antique prints, investment art and reproductions (prints and posters.) 

 The full service frame department offers carefully designed custom frames as well as producing large commercial orders.  They offer conservation framing, advising customers how best to preserve and protect their pieces whether framing children’s art, certificates, photos, or investment art. And of course they have framed many unusual items and memorabilia - surgical tools to ballet shoes!

Whether working with individuals or businesses, architects or interior designers, the Ocmulgee Arts team loves a new project and a new challenge!  You will find their work in universities, libraries, public buildings, hospitals, churches, offices and private homes all over the southeast. 


Mrs. Burkhalter said,  “the last few years we have worked on a fun project readying a private collector’s train memorabilia for presentation in Museums.  The challenge is to preserve the collection while presenting it in an interesting way within a reasonable budget.  A lot of research was required and we have all learned a lot about our railway systems!”

Ocmulgee Arts also offer a wide range of home decor including mirrors (even custom designed ones) and lamps to further enhance your living or working space.


It is our aim at Ocmulgee Arts to enhance our customer's lives with art and design while offering a one on one approach. Browse our online shop, visit us in person, or contact us with your needs! We would love to help.  



 “An artist observes the world and themselves, and offers a response, communicating to us their feelings or point of view.  Art is one of the oldest and most important ways we communicate with each other. "

-Lou Warren 

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